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RCAF WD Poster: Welcome

Paper Conservation and Mounting

February - June 2016

Found during construction at the Canadian Museum of Aerospace Defence, five WWII propaganda and recruitment posters arrived into Algonquin College for conservation. Selected for this extra curricular project, my classmates and I documented, conserved and mounted these posters for display in an 2017 exhibit entitled Handle With Care.

At 92 x 51 cm, this project was a major undertaking. Missing a further 15 cm along the proper right side, this poster was mounted on an acidic backing board, water stained, and had numerous punctures and losses across its length. Full significance and condition assessments were completed per the museum's request. 

Treatment Pathway

  1. Removal of surface dirt using soft bristle brushes, Wishab sponges, Staedler block erasers and granulated eraser

  2. Acidic backing board mechanically reduced using a scalpel, leaving final 1-2mm to be separated during bathing

  3. pH and colourfast testing

  4. Bathing in warm distilled water to soften adhesive, separate and remove backing board

  5. Successive baths in distilled water to remove soluble dirt and reduce staining where possible

  6. Affixed to Kozo Kurotani Japanese paper secondary support with wheat starch paste, then dried

  7. Losses infilled with Japanese tissue, and colour matching missing elements using acrylic latex paint

  8. Create a bespoke compression sling mount using Mylar and acid free mat board

  9. Documentation completed

Total Time: 59 hours

RCAF WD Poster: Text
RCAF WD Poster: Selected Work
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