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Dollhouse: Welcome

From Storage to Display

May - June 2018

This Georgian dollhouse was prepared for display in the new Childhood Gallery, and was cleaned, inpainted, and consolidated during my placement at Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery in 2018. During this time I was tweeting about the project, engaging with the public, and was featured in an article in the local paper at the time.

Interpretation is an important part of preparing an object for display, and so dressing the dollhouse with period appropriate furniture and dolls from the Museum's collection was incredibly important. In early 2019, with the help of my fellow conservators, the house was decorated and will be displayed as if it was still in use as a child's toy. A second article about the completed dollhouse is linked below.

Treatment Pathway

  1. Vacuum and smoke sponge clean exterior and interior

  2. Consolidation and tear repair of wall paper decoration on interior using Methyl Cellulose 

  3. Cleaned glass windows using Synperonic and water

  4. Reattaching broken balcony railing using Methyl Cellulose and Cotton Archival Tape braces

  5. Mechanically removed old adhesive from furniture and exterior window ledges, reattached using PVAC

  6. Coal removed from fireplace, grate cleaned with acetone

  7. Colour matching and inpainting areas of loss using acrylic painting

  8. Face to be reattached during installation, held open in place with fishing line

Total Time: ~40 hours

Dollhouse: Text
Dollhouse: Selected Work
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