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Archeological Iron: Welcome

Post Excavation Conservation

January - April 2017

A series of iron archeological iron pieces held in the Parks Canada collection, from Fort Malden National Historic Site. These objects were air abraded, coated, labelled, and new storage boxes were created for them.

Treatment Pathway

  1. Air abraded remaining excavated material and underlying corrosion products using aluminum oxide powder and/or glass bead media 

  2. Disassociated pieces adhered using LePage 5 minute 2 part epoxy

  3. Coated twice with B72 3% in Acetone

  4. Labels applied using B72 10% in Acetone and white Pelikan ink

  5. Storage box created using premade polyethylene boxes and Ethafom

Total Time: 43.5 hours combined

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Archeological Iron: Selected Work
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